Monday, April 5, 2010

I Know Jon Cheese

NAME: Andy
LOCATION: A supremely bizarre party 35 stories up on Wacker.

So, who is Jon Cheese?

Jon Cheese is the manager of a band called Limbeck. [Andy can tell I have never heard of this and very kindly spells out the band's name.] L-I-M-B-E-C-K.

Tell me about that band.

I saw that band when I was working at the Iowa State M-Shop. That's the Iowa State University venue.

You were a student there at the time?

I was a student there.

And they were just a band that came through?

Yep. And I, uh, I mean I hung out with the band and their t-shirts were like fifteen dollars and this one was only ten. So I picked out the Jon Cheese shirt.

So do you personally know Jon Cheese?

I actually met Jon Cheese. And he looks identical to this photograph. Or, to this screenprint.

Is he as awesome as he seems from the shirt?

I don't know, how awesome does he seem from the shirt?

He seems pretty awesome, in my opinion.

He's pretty much the same. He's got the 'stache, he's got the fro-ey hair. It was pretty amazing.

The band sells this shirt as merchandise. But there's no way that this shirt would tell me anything about that band.

No, not really. Not that I know of. Unless we're missing something.

Has anyone ever come up and asked you about it and learned about the band - other than the guy curating the blog?

I actually don't wear this shirt very often. I haven't done laundry in like two months. So this is like the last stack. No, nobody's ever come and asked me about Jon Cheese. Just you.